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anywhere real estate leadership program

Anywhere Real Estate created an enterprise level leadership training program (“Lead”) targeting all people leaders in the company. The leadership program successfully accommodated over 400 attendees through 16 live virtual events conducted across multiple sessions. As the creative director, I provided comprehensive creative direction and design for all program components. ...

Innovation Conference

PCL Construction held an internal Innovation Conference at the US Head Office for all Virtual Design & Construction staff from 30 offices. My team created all branded conference materials and designed all presentations for the 1-day conference.

Brand Ambassador Summit

After completing a re-brand, PCL’s marketing/communication leads were tasked with galvanizing PCL employees around the updated brand. The team held a 7-week online brand summit to equip a core team of brand ambassadors with knowledge and tools to communicate the brand successfully. I personally delivered over 75 training presentations for ...

personal development classes

The Charmed School is a collaboration between two personal development teachers dedicated to providing various resources and classes to help others create a life they love. I created training decks and workbooks for both in-person and digital personal development courses.

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